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Join Us for our Weekend Warrior Wellness Retreat

Now offering Satur-DAY pass for $150! Register Now!

May 5 - 7, 2017

Location: Restore Wellness & Yoga at Rockaby Farms

Accommodations and meals provided by Hotel Indigo

Download the weekend itinerary HERE

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Restore Wellness & Yoga at Rockaby Farms
Hotel Indigo
Meet your Weekend Warrior Guides


Lilie Perito: Retreat Founder, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Counselor and Essential Oil & Reiki Practitioner


Lilie's love for yoga started on the spiritual side.  Growing up with less traditional religion she always felt a spiritual connection with nature and never really found an outlet or support.  While looking for a fitness regimen to help her with constant weight management issues she stumbled upon yoga. She immediately fell in love with the practice and the spiritual connection it provided her soul. Lilie's passion for sharing yoga with others soared and today she prides herself on offering a class full of positive energy to recharge and reconnect with mind and body all while getting a great workout in. 


Lilie offers a Vinyasa style class with fluid movement and core strength training.  Classes are open to all levels and she encourages those who are new to yoga to take her class for a nice variety of what Yoga can bring to your life both on and off the mat.  Meditation and essential oils are often used to enhance the mind/body experience. For those looking for a little guidance or help connecting to their divine self, Lilie also offers intuitive counseling with the use of Tarot, Oracle, or connections with the archangels. Readings and custom oil blends to help open or restore the chakra system are often prescribed.


Follow Lilie on Instagram @lotuslilie 


Mariko’s Zervos Batyr: Intuitive Reiki Sensei


Mariko has been surrounded by the natural world of healing and spirituality from a very young age. Growing up with a Japanese artist mother, her childhood was spent exploring ancient temples and Zen gardens in Kyoto, Japan. Her love for nature and art led her to study fine arts and energy healing in New York. Drawing from her ancestral roots, Mariko is an intuitive Reiki Sensei who approaches each soul like the beautiful unique masterpiece they are.  She incorporates essential oils, herbs and crystals into her practice and is currently pursuing her studies in herbalism. Her healings are filled with love, awakening you to your inner truth, guiding you to tap into your own source of wisdom and master within.


Essen Ma'ayan: MS, MA, RTY, Internationally Certified Sound Therapist, Award Winning Visual Artist, International Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Her work in all facets is centered around exploring the structure and flow of patterns - their construction and de-construction. And her visual art is a concrete representation of this concept. In Sound, she creates sonic landscapes with intuitive instruments that elicit a transformational and meditative experience in her listeners. Her vocals have been described as angelic, ethereal, and other-worldly. Her sound is an eclectic mix of deep ambient tones, delicate melody infused with earthy rhythm. Essen Ma'ayan's kundalini yoga + meditation classes and training programs are centered around helping her students deepen their sense of self trust and intuitive wisdom. Her classes have been described as challenging, empowering, and intellectual, yet balanced by her calm and sensitive demeanor.


Corinne Carey: Owner of Restore Wellness & Yoga, 200hr YTT, Reiki Practitioner, and Restorative Yoga Teacher

​Corinne is a certified Yoga Instructor with a passion for the restorative practice. She is also a Usui Reiki Practitioner who works with men and women of all ages and levels. Corinne's classes vary in intensity, but she always closes the practice with a moment of meditation, reflection, and a few restorative/healing poses. A firm believer in the power of yoga therapy, Corinne looks forward to helping you through physical and mental barriers, both on and off of the mat. 

Follow Corinne on Instagram @restorewellnessandyoga

Carol Galanty: Holistic Chef, Health Coach and doTerra Wellness Advocate


Carol teaches people to use food as their medicine and to bring mindfulness into their daily lives. Through dietary improvements; yoga and meditation; and the use of essential oils, she provides her clients with the tools of empowerment they need to reach a state of optimal health and balance. 

Carol's private chef clients have ranged from those healing from late stage cancer; to yoga teacher trainees; international celebrities; politicians; and everyday folk hosting dinner parties.  She has taught healthy supportive cooking classes to at risk youth; to individuals battling illness; and those wishing to lose weight or improve their overall health.  She has designed and facilitated a culinary boot camp for cancer survivors; and given lectures about the healing properties of a plant based diet.  She has taught yoga to young cancer survivors, inner city school age kids in Harlem and local moms at the gym. Carol's mission is to inspire people to create life lasting positive change in their lives using simple tools accessible to all and to make this planet a more peaceful place to live, one person at a time.


Rick Batyr: Sound Medium


Rick is a passionate and trained musician who channels spirit through sound. He has a unique gift of capturing the essence of one’s energy and transforming it into a radically healing song.  Rick’s many years of education and experience have prepared him for where he stands today. 


Although he wasn’t always the “sound medium” his fans all know and love, his path always involved music.  Rick began his career by graduating with honors from Manhattan Recording Workshop.  From there he worked with major label artists as an engineer and producer.  During this time he worked in most of the top Manhattan recording studios.  Rick has composted and sold music for Spike Tv, Viacom, Def Jam and Universal Records.  On top of this, he is not only a professional drummer but also has a cymbal endorsement from SoutTone cymbals. Throughout the years his spirituality began to transcend into his music.  It all happened so organically that Rick knew this was where he was meant to be. To enjoy him music you do not have to be a spiritualist.  All you need is a pair of ears.  His music will move through you like no other.

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